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Testimonials and Reviews:

“With each track of On Air On Water (…) Britta Rex gives a glimpse into her soul, sings sometimes in German,
sometimes in German, sometimes in English, very personal, almost philosophically tinged poetic lyrics. In addition, her jazz trio plays grandiose driving, but sometimes also restrained tender, which allows Rex freedom to shine with her scat skills. Stubbornly beautiful!” Olaf Maikopf, Jazzthetik 05/06-2021
“The songs mirror a ten-year process in which the singer and composer sensitively illuminates moods and feelings. Thus, the lyrics form the emotional center of the songs.
Whether in English or (even more convincingly) in German, Britta Rex captures snapshots,
that lead to life wisdom without know-it-all attitude. (…)
Lyrically strongest is “Mondlicht”, oscillating between sadness, melancholy and confidence.
Rex sings very expressively throughout.” Thorsten Meyer, Jazz Podium 6-7 | 2021
From: Jazz and Church, Philosophical, Theological and Musicological Approaches, eds. Julia Koll, Uwe Steinmetz.
(Contributions to Liturgy and Spirituality, Vol. 29, Faculty of Theology, University of Leipzig and VELKD 2016) (page 106).

“… After I have invited to the Wandelabendmahl and walk with chalice and paten to the steps that border the sanctuary, a circle of singers forms in front of the choir stalls and they begin to hum. Tones, close together, louder quieter ones, which swing back and forth and through each other, a sound space sub communione, which widens and narrows again. A vocal improvisation, by a group of conference participants who tried this way of singing together for the first time in the afternoon, together with jazz singer Britta Rex.
“What a spherical sound!” – “I felt wonderfully carried by this music” – that’s what worshipers told me later.”

Current infos:

The album “Gran Voyage – JP Plays Vol. III” is freshly released in August 2023 and I had the pleasure of singing on 5 of the tracks.
Music for a road trip composed by Jan Behrens. Released as CD with 24-page booklet.
Some lyrics were written by Bill Whitehead, 2 lyrics were contributed by me.

“Demons lay their weapons down at your feet,
beasts surrender to your purity and
nightbirds spread their wings and
help you to find your way back home.”

(from: Night falls)

The CD can be ordered here for 15 € (incl. postage): https://www.jan-behrens-piano.de

Band line-up:
Jan Behrens – piano, keyboards, composition
Eddie Filipp – drums, perc., mix, master
André Neygenfind – Bass
Ken Norris – Vocals
Britta Rex – Vocals
Roxana Blaga – Cello
Lars Störmer – Sax, Bass Clarinet
Andreas Dahle – Guitar
Jürgen Osterloh – Bass Guitar


Dear Britta, I just have to write to you, because “On Air On Water” is playing again at me right now. The album is really beautiful! Reminds me in places of Elvis Costello, of course, background harmonies of Esperanza Spalding, but even of Allan Parsons. And really great musicians you have too!

Sven (Jazz lover und Saxophonist)

“ON AIR ON WATER is an enchanting album! … Fascinating and imaginative compositions and arrangements, joy of experimentation, great solos and interactions of the musicians. I also think it’s fantastic how you link the String Quartet with the band, and how you blossom with your voice in dialogue with the string players and the gentlemen of the rhythm section. Congratulations on this work!”

Kurt Klose (Pianist, Composer, Arranger)

Dear Britta, You are able to put leadership and knowlegde into practical practice. Effortless you channel your musical wisdom into wonderful group sessions. People trust you right away and follow your path. And in doing so they learn the most difficult topics.

Inge Rambags (Rotterdam)

Thank you for these wonderful days with you – your intuitive, impulsive, stirring nature has enabled me to rediscover singing and above all to do it differently!

(Wiebke, Workshopteilnehmerin)

I was able to win Britta Rex for a choir workshop for our gospel choir last year. It was a great time, which all participants without exception enjoyed. We were able to express our wishes for topics, but we also wanted to realise her spontaneous ideas with us. I can only say that we had never before had such an effective and yet so relaxed and happy “learning to sing” experience. Britta knew how to pick us up where we stood vocally and rhythmically. Simply great.

(Annett aus Bockenem, Februar 2016)

Britta! Mille grazie per tutto! …Deine meravigliosamente strahlende Energie regt an – in mezzo al cuore.

(Ricarda, Workshopteilnehmerin)

Thank you very much for your wonderful uncomplicated way of bringing the important things to the singing point! Continue to enjoy the “singing” lightness of being…

(Maike, Workshopteilnehmerin)

Dear Britta, keep your warm and constructive nature and I thank you for your help in rediscovering my voice and giving it space. Courage does good!

(Silke, Teilnehmerin Workshop)

Britta musically picks people up from where they are. And I think that is very good.

(Yeti Mansena, Organisator v. Workshops)

I heard your CD today and was deeply impressed and fascinated. Your wonderful voice and the arrangements of the pieces, very beautiful. It really touched me. Thanks!

Gabi, (Braunschweig)

No one can take the learning away from you. But you manage to get people to take pleasure in the harmony theory. Whether I will work through the Frank Sikora, which you also recommend, I doubt it. Because the short practice session with you has shown me Hearing, feeling, singing leads faster to the goal.

Norbert, Düsseldorf

About your workshop: Even the introduction round was motivating, fun and offered some aha-effects. I was pleased to experience how entertaining and practically applicable church music can be.

Johannes, Düsseldorf

Volare, cantare and la dolce vita. A wonderful journey of discovery for the voice and the soul in Tuscany. The group was great, absolutely competent and emphatic team members and an enchanting atmosphere with great food.

Gabriele, Lucklum

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From the newsletter “August 2023”:

The Zone
These are the musical moments that stir something deep inside us, that sometimes catch us out of nowhere and open a huge door.

Behind this lies perhaps “The zone”.
The place where everything makes sense, where you can laugh and cry at the same time, where you experience beauty with all your senses, where there is no competition, where you become one with the universe and the moment, where you don’t think but just are, where there is peace and something radiant and touching – probably love.

Moments when I remember why it is actually music that touches me the most as a form of art and expression and that I choose as a language, why it is worth all the effort, why it is worth persevering, even if it is hard in between. Because there is so much beauty to discover! And because laughter and tears are an expression of vitality and the ability to let go.


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On April 9, 2021, the new album “On Air On Water” came out!

And on April 23, 2021 we played the CD release streaming concert with the full album lineup.

I am very happy and also proud that after a long work that started in September last year, we can finally hold the finished product in our hands.

Wonderful musicians are on it, the sound and artwork are mega beautiful and fit the music so well. Totally thankful I had so many great people around me who helped me, gave advice and encouraged me on. And of course – sometimes in between I sweated a lot and doubted. But that’s probably part of it when a vision finally becomes reality.

You can order the CD directly via the order form on this page!

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