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What has been a year so far? A virus has taken hold of us and we have to cope with existential changes: Lockdown, cancellation of almost all concerts and workshops, singers are superspreaders and the last ones to be allowed to play together again, changeover of lessons to online sessions, home office, some of us have been in contact with people who have tested positive and have to go into quarantine or for testing. Fortunately, very few were ill. Then the summer came and the situation relaxed a bit – we could finally do face-to-face lessons again and sing together in smaller groups, play some open-air gigs under strict distance rules, only to be thrown back again in autumn when the corona numbers increased.

Now what? The cultural landscape lies fallow. Not only we musicians have hardly received any financial support from the federal government and are increasingly finding ourselves in dire straits. In the first phase in March, I was lightning fast and flexible, upgraded my equipment and immediately started giving online lessons. That worked somehow, but in the long run it became very unsatisfactory. Because of the time delay (latency) with Zoom, Skype and Co. it is not possible to sing and play together. Often the internet connections are not stable enough for a smooth process without interruptions. Communication via computer monitors is also different. I really missed being in a room with people and seeing, hearing and feeling them directly. As soon as it was allowed, I went back to giving face-to-face lessons. At a distance and in accordance with the current hygiene concept of course.

What is it that this omnipresent insecurity and physical distance does to us when physical closeness and touch is a danger? When we must be afraid of other people? The longer this phase lasts, the more difficult it becomes to allow closeness again. Hopefully this will soon pass! Through direct interpersonal contact we can empathise much more. That is so important and cannot be replaced by contacts in a beautified social media world. But if curfews and restrictions continue to increase, let’s use these internet platforms to stay in touch and exchange ideas!

The buttons for Instagram and Facebook can be found below. Thank you for your interest and for contacting me. Above you will find a link to my Youtube channel and a button to my newsletter. You can subscribe to both! The newsletter appears once a month and contains inspiration, recommendations, field reports and background information on projects and topics that make me think. Or feel free to write me via the contact form on this page! See you hopefully soon in real life!


Dear Britta, You are able to put leadership and knowlegde into practical practice. Effortless you channel your musical wisdom into wonderful group sessions. People trust you right away and follow your path. And in doing so they learn the most difficult topics.

Inge Rambags (Rotterdam)

Thank you for these wonderful days with you – your intuitive, impulsive, stirring nature has enabled me to rediscover singing and above all to do it differently!

(Wiebke, Workshopteilnehmerin)

I was able to win Britta Rex for a choir workshop for our gospel choir last year. It was a great time, which all participants without exception enjoyed. We were able to express our wishes for topics, but we also wanted to realise her spontaneous ideas with us. I can only say that we had never before had such an effective and yet so relaxed and happy “learning to sing” experience. Britta knew how to pick us up where we stood vocally and rhythmically. Simply great.

(Annett aus Bockenem, Februar 2016)

Britta! Mille grazie per tutto! …Deine meravigliosamente strahlende Energie regt an – in mezzo al cuore.

(Ricarda, Workshopteilnehmerin)

Thank you very much for your wonderful uncomplicated way of bringing the important things to the singing point! Continue to enjoy the “singing” lightness of being…

(Maike, Workshopteilnehmerin)

Dear Britta, keep your warm and constructive nature and I thank you for your help in rediscovering my voice and giving it space. Courage does good!

(Silke, Teilnehmerin Workshop)

Britta musically picks people up from where they are. And I think that is very good.

(Yeti Mansena, Organisator v. Workshops)

I heard your CD today and was deeply impressed and fascinated. Your wonderful voice and the arrangements of the pieces, very beautiful. It really touched me. Thanks!

Gabi, (Braunschweig)

No one can take the learning away from you. But you manage to get people to take pleasure in the harmony theory. Whether I will work through the Frank Sikora, which you also recommend, I doubt it. Because the short practice session with you has shown me Hearing, feeling, singing leads faster to the goal.

Norbert, Düsseldorf

About your workshop: Even the introduction round was motivating, fun and offered some aha-effects. I was pleased to experience how entertaining and practically applicable church music can be.

Johannes, Düsseldorf

Volare, cantare and la dolce vita. A wonderful journey of discovery for the voice and the soul in Tuscany. The group was great, absolutely competent and emphatic team members and an enchanting atmosphere with great food.

Gabriele, Lucklum

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