Britta has been successfully teaching and coaching students, choirs and ensembles in the areas of voice training, rhythm, interpretation, improvisation, circlesinging, dealing with stage fright, music theory and songwriting for many years. With a big heart and infectious energy and musicality she creates a creative, constructive working atmosphere in which the participants feel safe and encouraged. She is currently a lecturer at the HMTMH, University of Music, Theatre and Media in Hannover for jazz singing (since 2002) and at the University of Music Lübeck for jazz singing and improvisation (since 2011). At the municipal music school in Salzgitter she teaches pop singing one afternoon a week and leads the jazz choir “Gentle Voices”. Britta works as a freelance lecturer for “Jazzseminare in Niedersachsen” of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft LAG Jazz, at the Jazz and Rock Workshop in Salzgitter, the Jazz-Rock-Blues Workshop in Hildesheim, at the Vocal Workshop in Nordenham. She coached soloists at the Schauspielhaus Hannover for the “Dreigroschenoper” and the singers of the Lower Saxony State Youth Jazz Orchestra “Wind Machine”. She is often booked by choirs from the genres jazz, pop and gospel or conducts choir seminars for prospective teachers in the training seminar for teachers at the University of Hildesheim. In 2020, the “Entdeckungsreise Stimme” (Vocal Journey) will take place for the sixth time in Tuscany, organised by Britta and her colleague Sandra Gantert. As a singer as well as a teacher Britta is versatile and curious. She has experimented, researched, discovered and developed her own ideas a lot in the last years. The numerous advanced training courses she has attended illuminate the subject of singing and presence from very different perspectives. In recent years, she has devoted herself intensively to the subject of “vocal improvisation” in particular. Her teaching style has been influenced by her encounters with Rhiannon, Bobby McFerrin, Maria Joao, Norma Winstone, Mal Waldron, Tuck and Patti, Gabriele Hasler and others.

These are some inspiring trainings:

Seit 2008 Resonance Training with Thomas Lange (
2009 Level One Course „Basic Figures“ and Level Two Course „The Six Voice Qualities“ by Jo Estill in Amsterdam
2010 „Complete Vocal Technique“ 1-year-course in HH
2011-12 „1-year advanced Course“ @ CVI Complete Vocal Institute Copenhagen für Solisten und Songwriter
2014 Vocalimprovisation Kurs mit Bob Stoloff in Köln
2016 „Singen und Stille“ Kurs bei Markus Stockhausen in Hamburg

“Voicings for Voices“ Kurs Arrangieren für Jazz- und Popchor bei Oliver Gies

2018 All the way in – Intensiv Kurs bei Rhiannon (Hawaii, Kalifornien, Kanada)
2019 Einführungskurs @ Lichtenberger Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie, Fischbachtal, Hessen
2020 „Flow – the deep now“ bei Rabih Lahoud, Rollberghof, Hardegsen
2019 Course „Vocal Awareness & Discovery“ with Peter Eldridge (New York Voices) in Perugia, Italien
2020 Circle-Singing, Kurs mit Roger Treece in Frankfurt