Album Release Livestream
23rd April 2021
20:00 Uhr (8pm CEST, Berlin)

The time has come! The new album “On Air On Water” will be released in April 2021. And we will play a concert live in the original CD line-up in the Brunsviga hall in Braunschweig.

Many thanks to the state of Lower Saxony for sponsoring this concert in the programme “Niedersachsen dreht auf”.
The concert is therefore free of charge for you!

And it is only because of the sponsoring programme that it is possible to play in this large line-up:

André Neygenfind – Bass
Britta Rex – Vocals, Composition, Arrangement
Christoph Münch – Piano
Eddie Filipp – Drums
Katharina Pfänder – Violin
Rebecca Czech – Violin
Maria Pache – Viola
Nora Matthies – Cello

Unfortunately, due to current Corona regulations, a live audience is not allowed.

Please tune in, chat with us, subscribe or like and make yourselves heard for all we’re worth so we don’t feel so lonely on stage.